About Jan-Niklas Wortmann

He is an enterprise consultant with vast experience designing and implementing large scaled applications. He has a passion for developing clean and maintainable code, with unparalleled expertise in Angular and reactive programming. Jan-Niklas is also a member of the RxJS Core Team, giving back to the community whenever possible.

Jan-Niklas Wortmann - Speaker & Angular Consultant

Jan-Niklas Wortmann has been consulting for companies on implementing and maintaining software systems for more than six years. His experience encompasses a variety of successful projects in which he supported the entire development process from designing the application architecture, developing and implementing it, including proper quality assurance and establishing a comprehensive testing strategy, to providing support and maintenance. From his extensive experience, Jan-Niklas is able to pragmatically balance the development process requirements against project goals and deadlines.

His passion for the community and his open source contributions, led him to became a member of the RxJS core team and is always aiming to improve the developer experience of the reactive programming library by being responsible for the official documentation. Additionally, he is a recognized speaker and enjoys sharing his knowledge about RxJS with the whole developer community, through speaking and faciliting workshops about Angular and RxJS. His practiced approach to workshop presentations enables students to ask dedicated questions, but also to get more in-depth insights into these technologies.

Though his passion lies in frontend architecture, Jan-Niklas is experienced in designing backend and especially cloud architectures. If you are further interested in his career achievements and past projects, take a look at his resume.


  • Consulting and Architecting
  • Develop frontend or backend features
  • Setting up project structure
  • Creating and establishing a proper software development process
  • Code-reviews
  • Dedicated workshops considering clients needs and goals
Aiming to provide quality software considering project goals and timelines!